USO (The United Service Organizations)

Formed in 1941, during World War II the USO became the G.I.  “home away from home” and began a tradition of entertaining the troops that continues today. Involvement in the USO was one of the many ways in which the USA came together to support the war effort. The organization became mostly known for its live performances called Camp Shows, through which the entertainment industry helped boost the morale of its servicemen and women.

In the NWW2A The USO are represented by JUMP JIVE AND SWING

ENSA ( The Entertainments National Service Association)

Set up in 1939 to provide entertainment for British armed forces personnel during World War II. ENSA operated as part of the The Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes (NAAFI). Despite having many very talented entertainers in its ranks the nature of World War two meant that ENSA  was stretched across the vast area. This resukted in many substandard shows and the ESNA acronym became referred to as “Every Night Something Awful”

The NWW2A ENSA representation is by ENSAtainer Colin Colin Bourdiec