If I become a World War II reenactor what might people ask me?


second world war British ParatrooperAs reenactors we get asked a wide range of questions some from very knowledgeable people who really know what they are talking about, some from people who think they know what they are talking about and sometimes we as reenactors get to ask the questions when a veteran or two, who served in the conflict visit our living histories. Sadly these golden opportunities to improve our impressions from first had accounts are growing fewer as time passes and the Veterans of World War Two march away into history, but to give you a feel here are just a few usual, unusual and one or two amusing questions asked by members of the public…

Were you in the war ?

Is that uniform itchy?

Where do you get all these things from?

Do they come in Pink?

once asked of a reenactor as he handed his deactivated Lee-Enfield Rifle to a young lady

Is that a computer (pointing at a typewriter)

Is that real?

Is usually asked while pointing at any item from the size of a tank to a mess tin. The person really wants to know if the item is genuinely from the second world war or is it reproduction.

Is that barbed wire real? To keep the look of the living history areas feeling authentic we use a fake barbed wire to cordon off places where it wouldn’t be safe to allow the public to enter

Do you sleep in those tents?

Members of the public are genuinely surprised and fascinated that many reenactors take their living histories to the level that they choose to sleep under canvas.

If you Portray German Troops

Are you a real German?

Why did you choose a German uniform?

On weapons

Is that a real gun?

is that gun heavy?

Does that gun fire real bullets?

The answer “yes but we only use blanks” sometimes causes surprise, not because we only use blanks in the battle reenactments but because some of the weapons are “real”

Asked of the Soviet 13th Guards

Are you French?

Are you the Iraqi Army?